Weidi corporate culture is the soul of Weidi company, is an inexhaustible driving force to promote the development of Weidi company, is the spiritual pillar and power source of Weidi company's sustainable development. The company has analyzed and summarized the experience and lessons of the company over the years, and combined with the company's development strategic goals, and then formed the corporate culture of Weidi Company. It will inspire, inspire and guide all employees of the company with rich corporate cultural connotations.
Dedication, unity and cooperation spirit, innovation and research spirit, hard work and enterprising spirit is the essence of our corporate culture.
Love the job, love the enterprise, love life is the source of our company cohesion and work motivation.

Business philosophy

stress efficiency, seek survival, and seek development.

enterprise value concept

Both the development of the enterprise and the interests of employees; both long-term plans and current actions.

enterprise strategic objectives

To create a perfect and evolving entity to become a leader in private enterprises.
Optimize the industrial structure, prosper industry brands, enrich product categories, accelerate industrial progress, and increase economic aggregate.
Work hard for the growth of enterprises; contribute to the local economy; strive for the prosperity of the country; add color to the happiness of mankind.

Business philosophy

Continuously standardize internal management, better adapt to market development, strive to meet user needs, and comprehensively build high-quality products.
Honest and trustworthy, seeking win-win; excellence, the pursuit of perfection.

spirit of enterprise

Dedication, perseverance; unity and cooperation, truth-seeking and pragmatic;
Innovation and research, the pursuit of excellence; hard work and enterprising, casting brilliant.

enterprise ethics

Perfect service, convenient for customers; mutual understanding, respect for the contract.

group consciousness

There is Wendy's profit, there is my interest;
With Wendy's presence, I have employment.

enterprise image

1. trademark: (registered pattern)
① The sign is "Wei Di" with two pinyin prefix,
Red indicates enthusiasm and enthusiasm; blue represents integrity and solidity.
The shape is the top and bottom circle, symbolizing "harmony" as the starting point and "standard" as the foothold.
④ The whole is like a transmitting antenna, indirectly symbolizing the industry scope of the enterprise.
2. because the company belongs to the information equipment industry, the basic colors of the company are "blue" and "gray", including clothing, office decoration, brochure tone color, etc.
3. company door decoration as far as possible to find a harmonious structure with the natural environment, showing a generous, beautiful and harmonious. Greening and road foil harmony, trees and building construction harmony.

Leadership Code

1. Adhere to principles, be upright, clearly distinguish right from wrong, and seek truth from facts;
2. clear ideas, diligent thinking, pioneering and innovative, enterprising and promising;
3. modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness, lead by example, diligent and dedicated;
4. fulfill their duties, vigorously, take the lead in setting an example, dare to be responsible;
5. Encourage advancement, unity and cooperation, tolerance and understanding, and have the overall situation in mind;
6. familiar with the rules and regulations, grasp the strategy, dialectical thinking, operational planning;
7. fair and decent, honest and trustworthy, rigorous style, self-examination and self-police;
8. respect for knowledge, respect for talents, continuous learning, proficient in business;
9. abide by the law, order and prohibit, honest and clean, eliminate bad;
10. People-oriented, communicate with the masses, observe the situation and understand the employees.

Staff Code

1. abide by the rules and regulations, conscientiously implement, love enterprises, self-esteem and self-improvement;
2. love one's post and work hard, fulfill one's duty, complete the task, guarantee the quality and quantity;
3. abide by the law, order and prohibit, do things fairly, treat people sincerely;
4. respect for leadership, participate in competition, change ideas, innovation and excellence;
5. diligent in learning, skilled, enhance skills, improve quality;
6. Unity and mutual assistance, respect for teachers and disciples, harmony and friendship, cooperation and friendship;
7. hard work, thrifty, honest, not greedy;
8. abide by public morality, seek more public welfare, do a good job, conscientious;
9. uphold righteousness, resist unhealthy trends, act bravely for righteousness, and be fearless in the face of danger;
10. civilized and polite, dress neatly, take good care of public property, pay attention to safety.