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Enterprise culture is the soul of Wadi,the inexhaustible driving force for the development of Wadi,the spiritual pillar and power source for the sustainable development of Wadi.The company has analyzed and summarized the experience and lessons of the enterprise for many years,and combined with the development strategic objectives of the enterprise,thus forming the enterprise culture of Wei Di Company,which will inspire,inspire and guide all the enterprise employees with rich corporate culture connotation.
The spirit of dedication,unity and cooperation,innovation and research,striving and enterprising spirit is the essence of our corporate culture.
Love their own,love the enterprise,love life is the source of our company cohesion and work power.

Business philosophy

Emphasize efficiency,seek survival,seek development.

Enterprise value concept

Want enterprise to develop already,want employee benefit again;Think long term and act now.

Corporate strategic objectives

To build an entity that is improving and developing day by day to become a leader of private enterprises.
Optimize industrial structure,prosper industry brand,enrich product category,accelerate industrial progress,increase economic aggregate.
Strive for enterprise growth;Contributing to the local economy;Strive for national prosperity;Add to the joy of mankind.

Business philosophy

Constantly standardize the internal management,more adapt to the development of the market,and strive to meet the needs of users,to create a comprehensive quality products.
Honest and trustworthy,seeking win-win situation;Strive for perfection.

Spirit of enterprise

Dedication,perseverance;Unity and cooperation,pragmatic;
Innovative research,the pursuit of excellence;Strive for progress,casting brilliant.

Enterprise moral

Perfect service to facilitate customers;Mutual understanding and respect for the contract.

A sense of community

It's Wadi's profit that's in my interest;
I got my job because of Wadi.

Enterprise image

1.The trademark is:(registered design)
The logo is"Wei Di"in pinyin.
Red represents enthusiasm,enthusiasm;Blue represents integrity,solid.
The shape is the upper circle and the lower circle,symbolizing"harmony"as the starting point and"norm"as the foothold.
The whole as a transmitting antenna,indirect symbol of the enterprise's industry category.
2.As the company belongs to the information equipment industry,the basic colors of the company are"blue"and"gray",including the basic colors of clothing,office decoration and brochures.
3.The door decoration of the company tries to find a harmonious structure with the natural environment,which shows generosity,beauty and harmony.Greenery and road foil are harmonious,trees and building structure are harmonious.

Lead the code of conduct

1.adhere to the principle,upright,clear debate right and wrong,seek truth from facts;
2.clear thinking,thinking,pioneering and innovative,enterprising and promising;
3.Be modest and prudent,guard against arrogance and rashness,set an example,and be diligent and dedicated;
4.Scrupulously fulfill their duties,be resolute,take the lead,and dare to be responsible;
5.Encourage advanced,solidarity and cooperation,tolerance and understanding,with the overall situation in mind;
6.Be familiar with rules and regulations,grasp strategies,think dialectically and manage wisely;
7.Fair and upright,honest and trustworthy,rigorous style,self-examination and self-policing;
8.respect knowledge,respect talent,continuous learning,proficient in business;
9.Obey laws and regulations,enforce orders and prohibitions,be honest and clean,eliminate bad;
10.people-oriented,communication with the masses,feel the situation,understand the staff.

Staff code

1.Abide by rules and regulations,earnestly implement them,love the enterprise,self-respect and self-improvement;
2.Dedicated,conscientious,complete tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed;
3.Obey laws and regulations,enforce orders and prohibitions,handle affairs fairly and treat people sincerely;
4.Respect leaders,participate in competition,change ideas,innovate and compete for excellence;
5.diligent in learning,professional skills,enhance the ability,improve the quality;
6.unity and mutual assistance,respect for teachers and students,friendly,friendly cooperation;
7.hard work,thrift,honest,not greedy;
8.abide by public ethics,seek public welfare,do their own jobs,cautious and conscientious;
9.Support the right spirit,resist the bad wind,be brave and fearless in the face of danger;
10.Be polite,dress neatly,take good care of public property and pay attention to safety.

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